Paw Pack Plus Community

Introducing The Paw Pack Plus (P3) Community!

P3 v 2.5 Launching Sep 1st 2023

Join before 11:59pm ET Friday Sep 1st to Lock in Lifetime Rate!

The P3 community combines two great things.

Science and Pets.

Our directive on social media is science communication/education and providing cute and caring content.

If you love Science, you'll find direct links to The Science Pawdcast, The Science Lab and SciChat!
It will also grow to have hundreds of science articles, our SUPER AWESOME SCIENCE THREADS from twitter, science EXPERIMENTS, demos, and science education stuff!
If you love Pets you'll find PetChat and The Pet Place.
It will grow into having links to pet training resources, guest speakers and blogs and advice from YOU in our community on how to best live with pets!

Plus it has Community!

You will see the Tips and Tricks space where our community members will share their expertise, The Moose Soup For The Soul space where we welcome heartfelt stories, a space to post about your pets and life!

Finally, there will be a TON of bonus content.  This small, but fun section was the only thing currently offered on our Patreon Page. 
You will find early recordings, pictures, videos and behind the scene stuff.
Some other perks include having access to our private twitter account and live streams of the dogs on Thursday!
Say hi to Ginger!

We can't wait to see how this will grow!
We offer 3 plans as well as a free option.
  1. Pup
  2. Teen
  3. Adult


  • Private Safe Space 24/7 community (iOS & Desktop Android next 3 months)
  • Cool Membership Badges
  • Connect with other P3 members
  • Organized discussions
  • Private spaces
  • Rich posts
  • Content & resources
  • Member directory (optional)
  • Group chat rooms
  • Live streams
  • Events
  • Private Messaging
  • Event Spaces
  • Weekly digests (auto Thr)


  • 2 Bunsen Picture Postcards per year w/pawprint
  • P3 Pics
  • Access to the Live Stream of The Dogs every Thursday
  • Early notice on what we have cooking! 
  • RSVP to all P3 upcoming public events 
  • Access to Private Twitter! (which is like Super Follows!) 
  • Moose Soup For The Soul P3 stories 


  • Pet Chat Spaces Audio Recordings Early
  • Access to our Private Twitter (which has TONS of extra content)
  • Exclusive Sticker - An exclusive Bunsen and Beaker Sticker
  • A shoutout in the Pawdcast every week! 
  • A texting service where Texts from Bunsen (and Beaker) come RIGHT TO YOU.
  • Early deals on what we have cooking! 
  • RSVP to all P3 member private events 
  • Exclusive Photo’s & Videos 
  • Tips and Tricks Blog! Advice from P3 community members 


  1. A special shoutout in the Pawdcast.

  2. A Birthday Card from Bunsen and Beaker

  3. Access to Exclusive Pictures

  4. Early deals on what we have cooking! 

  5. We will also throw some extras in with your postcards

  6. Feedback on Merch Development

  7. Access to our Private Twitter (which has TONS of extra content)

  8. Science Lab

    Science experiments 1 per month
    Science articles and links
    Science/Math resources
  9. Pet resources

    2 Professional trainers
    1 shelter dog expert
    1 per month

Prices (Now  /  After Sep 1st 2023) 

Join before 11:59pm ET Friday Sep 1st to Lock in Lifetime Rate!

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