Ginger 1.0 Stuffie is Now in Preorder!

Status Update: Ginger 1.0 is currently being shipped to Canada! Once it arrives the preorder will be over and the price will go up!

Preorder now, take advantage of the preorder offer and be prepared for the holidays!

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Bunsen 2.0 Is Here!

I am finally here, I mean the Bunsen 2.0 is finally here. He looks so much like me, I get confused. This Ginormous 12 Inch chunky Bunsen Stuffie 2.0 is a must have! It is nearly DOUBLE the size of the original stuffie.

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Texts from Bunsen eBook is HERE!

The Texts from Bunsen ebook has just been launched to those that pre-ordered. Click below to order your copy!


Bunsen and Beaker Postcards!

We have a selection of gorgeous postcards with science gear and snowy scenery.

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