Happy 5th Birthday Bunsen!

It's my Birthday!!!!! For a very limited time we are taking pre-orders for the Bunsen 2.0 Stuffie.

The Bunsen 2.0 Stuffie

Special for Bunsen's 5th Birthday (May 7, 2022)!

Holy Mooseleg, it's a replica of ME!

This Ginormous 12 Inch chonky stuffie is a must have! It's fluffy like me which is perfect for cold night cuddles.  It's also a great stuffie to engage and inspire everyone with science!

Bunsen Stuffie 1.0 sold out with rave reviews so the humans went work upgrading it.

Bunsen 2.0 is huge, soft, and brainy.

We know you'll love me. I mean it. HA!

Pre-Order Sold Out!