The Bunsen Lexicon


Northern hawk-owl - Wikipedia
Bunsen had a run in with, what we think now were, juvenile Northern Hawk Owls.  While learning to fly in our creek bed, Jason and Bunsen came across them as they crashed to the forest ground.  Being inquisitive, Bunsen went to check them out and be friends only to just about have his face ripped off.  The SkyHoo is one of the first Bunsen words coined on Social Media.
American black bear - Wikipedia
On one of the many trips to the mountains the Zackowski family came across a mother and two cubs.  Staying far away and moving quickly they vacated the area.  Bunsen, again, was very curious about this enormous fuzzy creature and assuredly would have (if he was off leash) wanted to run up and play and make friends.  It was a black bear, the same type of bears which have been spotted near the Zackowski Farm in the Summer of 2018.
Danger Noodle/Nope Rope/Freaky Slinky
Snake, Reptile, Animal, Vintage, Isolated
Adam has a female albino ball python snake named Achlys.  Named after the Roman Goddess of Death Mist, it terrifies Jason and Bunsen, but delights Adam and Kris.  She doesn't come out very often and she can be a bit bitey.  
Chonky Murder Weasel
American badger | mammal | Britannica
The North America Badger is not like its British cousin.  Instead of looking friendly and inviting you inside for a cup of tea, this animal is fierce, dangerous and fearless.  They live on the north wall of the creek bed, snacking on gophers, basically ruling a kingdom where the Zackowskis fear to tread.  Foolishly, Jason and Bunsen got too close to their region and were chased by one.  Normally Bunsen is curious and friendly to animals.  He knew it was time to get out of dodge.
Animal, Canada, Horns, Moose, Silhouette
In the Winter of 2019/2020 and Spring of 2020, Bunsen somehow found a total of eight moose legs and two deer legs.  Occasionally Bunsen would find the odd bone here or there, but this was unprecedented.  Where did the legs come from?  Murder cats offing moose?  Sick moose not making the winter?  Hunters or Poachers leaving them behind?  At any rate, as the mooseleg numbers rose, a suggestion was put forth on twitter to combine the grizzly animal parts into a Frankenstein's Monster type being called Frankehnmoose.  
Canada Goose | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD
Canadian Geese stop at the farm on their migratory path back to Canada.  There isn't enough water to support them, but the creek does serve as a pit stop.  Bunsen had a run in with a flock of about 30 when they landed all over the house and yard.  We were returning from a walk to scene of chaos.  Bunsen rushed towards the crew only to be hissed at and intimidated by these very spiteful creatures.  
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Over the course of making a voice for Bunsen, Jason has been given the title of That Dadguy by Bunsen.  Bunsen sees Jason as his adventure companion, but also his boss.  He is defiantly more protective and affectionate to the rest of the family, but he never says no to a scratch and cuddle from That Dadguy.
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It's no secret that Bunsen loves Kris the most.  He adores her and follows her everywhere.  Wherever Kris is relaxing, Bunsen is right close by.  This is why Kris is MommyFav.
Murder Cats
Cougar Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
Mountain Lions or Cougars are the most terrifying predator in the Canadian Mountain Range.  Bears rarely attack people and usually can be reasoned with or scared away.  Cougars also rarely attack people, but when it happens it's a fight to the death.  Some stray from their normal habitat and follow water sources and there have been sightings of them throughout Central Alberta.  It could be the animal creating all the mooselegs.  
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This is the nickname for Adam on Bunsen's social media.  Adam and Bunsen have been best buds since he was a puppy and now that Adam is old enough, they go off on adventures together.  Adam loves to wrestle with Bunsen and he was instrumental in training Bunsen to be the good boy he is.