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The Bunsen Stuffie


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There are extreme limited quantities!

To say they are adorable is selling them short. The time and effort on getting them right has been so worth it. Each stuffie is also slightly different in how it sits and how the face looks- some have a childlike expression, some are derpy with more tongue out and some have a mischievous glint and side eye!

The lab coat had tiny snap buttons and a real pocket! Underneath the Lab Coat (yes you can take it on and off him!) he is his super fluff-monster self.

This item ships from our own house- so we will make sure to pack it with as much love as Bunsen has for the world.  If you'd like a special message on your certificate, just let us know!

The  proud stuffie stands 12inches or 30cm tall.

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Customer Reviews

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My Personal Bunsen

My Bunsen stuffie is adorable. His scientist garb makes him one of a kind. This is a limited edition stuffie that is beautifully made. If you like Bunsen you will love this cuddly guy.

My Cuddliest Coworker!

I knew it was tricky ordering Bunsen in to ship all the way to the Netherlands, but I am so glad I did! It took him a while to get here, but once he did, he's been my best pal! He guards my desk against snack stealers, is always happy to have a cuddle when my stress levels rise too high, and reminds me to stay safe by setting the example. Can't go wrong with welcoming Bunsen into your home!

If you don't have the real Bunsen, the stuffie is a good substitute!

This is the most adorable plushy - high quality, with doggles and lab coat included. He watches over our COVID online schooling and has been a great inspiration.

You don't have one yet??

This is quite possibly the most adorable thing I have seen in a long time. Bunsen sits on my desk while I work and while I do homework - he reminds me that SCIENCE is important, and you can't help but be happy with a stuff replica of our favorite science dog