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An Ode to Mooselegs:


Once upon a time, in a forest so fair

There lived a dog named Bunsen, with fluffy hair

His nose for food led him the way 

To his favorite treat, mooselegs, at least once a day.


Bunsen would drool at the thought of those legs

It was something that was found without the need to beg

But his dad would always try to take them away

Saying, "Bunsen, those legs are not for dogs, okay?"


But Bunsen was no fool, he knew what he liked

And those mooselegs were always found on hikes

So he'd sneak up on them, with a wag in his tail

And gobble them up, running away without fail!


Oh, those mooselegs were quite a sight to see

With their furry skin, so soft and meaty

And Bunsen loved them, every single bit

Even if his dad threw a hissy fit!


So if you're ever in the forest, and you see

A fluffy dog named Bunsen, wagging with glee

If he's moving at speed that makes him a blur

Just remember he's got a Moose Leg and