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Blue INK Bunsen and Beaker Pen Pack! (5 Total)


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We've worked hard to bring a high quality pen that feels great and is adorable to our fans.  It has the Bunsen/Beaker Logo and Tag on it, along with a fun "atom" ball.

Ink: Blue Handle: Black


Customer Reviews

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Good stuff!

Great pens, the print is very clear and doesn't fade quickly when you're using the pens. They are fairly slim, but grip is good even in my largish hands thanks to the rubber bit at the front.
Out of the 10 pens I ordered, one tended to lose it clippy-thingamajiggy, but that was easily fixable, and I could turn it into an advantage since now it fits into the pen holder of my work notebook.
All in all, very good value for money and adding cuteness to all my writing tasks!

Liz B

If I could buy boxes of these, I would. Everyone needs pens, and these fit my needs very well - I have several lying around the house, some in my purse, and I like to leave them around town for others to use. They write really well, no skipping, very smooth!