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The Bunsen Stuffie 2.0!

The Bunsen Stuffie 2.0!

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The Bunsen Stuffie 2.0 is a giant stuffie that stands 13inches tall and a fuzzy, chonky 5.5 inches wide.

It's an unbelievably soft stuffie with full Bernese hair and colouring.

Not only that it comes with Bunsen's replica lab coat AND his dark safety glasses.

His signature tongue is also a HUGE hit.

Each stuffie comes with:

  1. A unique sticker,
  2. A certificate of Pawthenticity 
  3. A fun science experiment you can do at home.

The Bunsen Stuffie was made with love.  We know you will love him too.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Yes! This is “the” Bunsen and he’s big!

I love my Bunsen stuffie 2.0!! It is so soft and looks just like the “BIG BEAR” himself with that long tongue. XD we love him so much and we are adults. He sits on our couch and we dress him up for the holidays. Know that’s corny but he is a great conversation piece when company comes over! Get your big and fluffy Bunsen for yourself or a friend. Anyone would love to have a Bunsen Berner of their very own! :)

BernerMom of 5

I love them so much I bought 2. I own 5 Berners and absolutely love my life. If I could have more I would. The product was great and I am more than happy to donate to a good cause.

Karen Giles
We love our Bunsen Stuffie

Bunsen arrived ready to charm at first glance; then when we got him out of his
"Shipping crate" and were able to cuddle him, we knew we had made the right choice for a Berner! In sort, he is wonderful, we love him! He is the perfect pup!

Why don't you have one yet?

Why, yes, I am a grown a** woman and jumped at the chance to purchase a stuffed animal. It's not just any stuffed animal, though, it's the BIGGER and BETTER Bunsen Stuffie 2.0! Since dogs don't fit into my life right now, I have to go for the stuffed route, and this stuffie did not disappoint. It's huge and so very soft and cuddly. I'm not going to lie, it's the size of one of my cats. If those facts don't persuade you to purchase one, I don't even know what you're doing.

Patrick Schulz
Perfect Fit for the Science Team

The Bunsen stuffie is soft and quite happy. It fits in well with the other members of my science team for World Domination.

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